Douglasfir Removal & Fruit Tree Pruning

tree service removal
Eric topping a douglasfir from the bucket truck.

3-9-2015– Today we removed two large douglasfir trees from Eric’s neighbor’s driveway. He is planning to build an outbuilding on his property and these trees were in the way. They both stood about 80’ tall. There was a retaining wall to the east, a barbwire fence to the north and power lines to the west, leaving us only the southern approach on the driveway itself. After limbing the trees as high as possible with the bucket truck, I came down and grabbed my climbing gear. After raising the bucket up to it’s 50-55 foot max height, I set my tie in point (TIP) and exited the bucket with spurs and a chainsaw. Eric and Rick lowered the bucket remotely and moved the truck to clear the landing area. After clearing more limbs I set the tagline in the top of the tree and dropped the top 15 feet. After piecing it down another 15 feet, Eric came in and finished it off with the bucket truck. Another successful removal in tight quarters!

In the afternoon we headed out to do some fruit tree pruning around Foys Lake. Rick and I pruned an apple tree that was too picturesque (even without leaves) not to shoot. This is a great example of a nice fruit tree shape.