Frequently Asked Questions:

These are questions we are often asked during assessments.

What do you charge for an assessment/estimate?

Assessments run from $0-$60/hr. depending on the time of year and location of assessment. For free advice about your tree(s),  check out our Ask an Arborist page.

What is your area of service?

We serve the entirety of Flathead and Lake Counties, from Polson to West Glacier to Upper Whitefish Lake.

How can I save money on a removal?

Getting your trees removed in the winter helps minimize damage to turf and landscape. Removals during burning season (Oct. and May) also reduce job costs. You can also save money by taking firewood after the removal.

How thorough is a full removal?

After removing the tree,  we can grind stumps 6″ below grade.

Are your applied pesticides dangerous?

We use the most people and pet safe pesticides. If we must use something more hazardous we will provide ample warning. All of our pesticides are safe after drying.

Do you use herbicides?

We do not apply herbicides.

Do you plant trees?

We can plant small trees, but don’t usually. Our specialty is the care of existing trees.