Let us get your trees ready for spring

This mild winter has been keeping us busy!

Aside from standard winter removals, we’ve been out pruning orchards and many, many fruit trees. If you have spring fever as badly as we do, then give us a call and we can get your trees ready for a productive growing season.

The following services are best done in early spring. Call us today to schedule an assessment!

Fruit trees thrive when pruned for production.

Apple, cherry, and other fruit trees: Pruning for shape, applying mineral oil spray to deter scales.

  • Having your trees professionally pruned ensures they’re shaped for optimal production. We understand the nuances of branch structure and pruning techniques and will improve your tree both aesthetically and physiologically.
  • We apply a mineral oil spray that’s non-toxic and highly effective in killing scale larvae on the fruit tree’s bark. Insects breathe with their bodies, and the oil works to suffocate them before they wake up and begin feeding. For more information, click here.
DWARF MISTLETOE: If your trees look like this, it’s time for pruning.

Douglasfir: applying douglasfir beetle repellant packets, performing mistletoe removal.

  • Little needs to be said for fir beetles. They have devastated forests throughout the West and can kill a conifer in a single season. Protect the douglasfir trees on your property from infestation with a beetle packet installation. These packets emit a hormone that deters beetles from infesting the tree. **We do not install packets for pine trees – better pest control can be attained by letting us spray your pines with carbaryl.
  • Dwarf mistletoe infestation has become out of control in many areas around Flathead Lake. This green parasite is easily identified in douglasfirs as a bushy clump of light green needles. Dwarf mistletoe is highly contagious and should be cut out and burned as soon as it can be. Protect the integrity of the forest around the lake! Have your dwarf mistletoe removed as soon as possible.

Don’t wait! Your trees deserve it. Call today at 406-257-0025.