Are you prepared for winter?

tree removal kalispell
Piecing down a giant lombardi poplar in Kalispell.

With cooler temps we’re finally seeing a break in the crazy summer weather. We’ve been hard at it since the heat wave began in June, treating trees for over-active pests and doing lots of removals. We’ve dealt with the smoke and fire restrictions and are looking forward to another busy fall.

With another long winter coming, consider any trees that may pose a threat on your property. Those to watch out for include blue spruce and willow, which are both prone to toppling and snapping under load. Trees with more than one top, with cavities near the trunk or fungal growth should be inspected for structural integrity. We have the tools to prune, cable or remove the tree and bring you peace of mind when the snow flies.

Just as homeowners clear land for fire, consider doing the same for ice.  If you’re concerned about a tree on your property, call us today for an assessment. By the time the first blizzard comes, it could be too late.

storm tree removal
A white fir with a codominant stem (double-topped) left a big dent in the roof line after an August storm. Don’t let this happen to your home!