Clearing a difficult branch from a large willow tree.

Do your trees need pruning? Get them looking great with professional pruning through Expert Tree Care.

Regular pruning is necessary for many species of trees. We offer many pruning styles to meet your needs, whether it’s for looks, views, structure or hazard removal. While taking limbs off of a tree may seem straightforward, there is really much more at stake than just an ugly cut.

Pruning cuts are held to a standard through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This means that there is a right way (and many wrong ways) to perform a pruning cut. Old-fashioned methods of topping, heading, flush-cutting and root pruning have been proven disastrous to tree health and structure. Furthermore, improperly pruned trees are more susceptible to disease and insect infestation. Understanding the correlation between different cuts and their effects on the tree is paramount to proper pruning. We practice correct pruning procedure at the most modern standard.

While trimming branches may seem benign, it’s really a decision that should not be taken lightly. Know that your trees are being pruned by certified professionals.


  • pruning
    Mistletoe clean up at Lone Pine State Park.

    Want to open up the view of that mountain range? Can’t see the lake from your deck? Let us prune those hard-to-reach limbs and open up the view. Whether you want the limbs elevated or the crown lowered, we can make it happen. We take great care in preserving the health and good looks of trees during vista pruning.

  • pruning
    A residential plum tree after several seasons of proper pruning.

    Structural pruning maximizes your trees’ potential, eliminating crossing branches and other problems that could affect size and shape. Fruit trees require regular structural pruning to accommodate increased fruit production. We perform crown raising, crown reduction, dead limbing, water shoot removal and thinning.

  • hazard removal
    “Leaners” and “hangers” need to be dealt with promptly.

    Broken limbs, treetops and “hangers” can pose a serious safety threat. We can access and safely remove the most difficult of problem branches.

  • dead limb pruning
    Clean, open and safe. For those valuable trees, nothing beats a proper trimming.

    We frequently perform removal of deadwood from all types of trees. While many dead limbs don’t necessarily pose a hazard, they can be unsightly and break easily.

    You’ll be amazed at the new look of that old tree or forest property without all of those dead, gray branches.