Make this the year of treating your trees

Summer is upon us!

With the weather warming up, we’ve begun fertilizing and spraying lots of different trees around the valley. Along with some hazard removals it’s been a very busy spring!

tree removal
PRO CLEANUP: We leave job sites cleaner than we find them. Heavy removal job on Flathead Lake in April.

tree removalHazard Removal: We got a call from a homeowner on Flathead Lake about a precariously leaning ponderosa pine. The roots on this beetle-kill tree were completely rotten and it took great care to bring it down without damaging her driveway’s retaining wall. After rigging several directional ropes we were able to safely lower the tree in two pieces.


WHITE PINE WEEVIL: Save your spruce trees with a fast pesticide treatment

White Pine Weevil: We’ve also been treating hundreds of blue (Colorado) spruce leaders for white pine weevil. Don’t let the name fool you- these weevils absolutely devour spruce tree tops. If your trees look like the picture above, then they’ve been infested in years past and are probably still hosting pests. Multiple dead and dying tops are the primary indicator. Blue spruce with multiple leaders are structurally unsound and unsightly.

pesticide spray
A nice-looking spruce leader gets a dose of chemical to keep the weevils at bay.

HOW WE TREAT: After cutting out the dead tops well below the infestation, we apply a fast, affordable spray treatment to kill any remaining bugs. This application works best when applied annually in combination with a systemic insecticide/fertilizer application.

As the temperature rises, more and more pests are waking up! This is the time to let us design your IPM plan and keep your landscape looking great year after year. Call us today! 406-257-0025