Flathead Valley’s Tree Service

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    EXPERT ASSESSMENT: Do it right - let an Arborist take a look at your trees.

Welcome to Expert Tree Care, the Flathead’s top-recommended  tree service company.

Founded more than 25 years ago by certified arborist Eric Maisch, we are Kalispell’s most comprehensive and effective tree service company. We serve the entirety of Flathead and Lake counties, from Polson to Whitefish to West Glacier.

Through years of experience, we’ve come to understand pests and other problems related to northwest Montana’s environment. We practice modern tree service methods to ensure trees receive the most non-invasive treatment available. Whatever the problem, our treatments and care maximize recovery and minimize damage.

Tree Services:

  • Knowing what to look for when your tree is in decline is half the battle. Our certified professionals understand the nuances of tree structure and biology, and know what steps to take to bring vigor back to your landscape. If you’re concerned for the health of your trees, schedule an assessment today!
  • Depending on the problem, we may advise pest or disease control. Eric is a state-certified pesticide applicator and utilizes state-of-the-art chemicals. Modern pesticides are less hazardous than they once were, and more effective. We use only as much as necessary to effectively treat your tree(s).
  • Trees in decline without pests or disease often need soil amendments. We employ deep-root injection fertilization to boost soil nitrogen and create a favorable soil profile. Annual or bi-annual fertilization will give your trees the nutrients they need to live long, healthy lives.
  • We deal with structural issues by either installing cabling support or by pruning. Great care must be taken with where and how to restructure a weakened tree. Our professionals have the training and know-how to install these systems or to make the proper cuts. For large branches we use a variety of rigging and lowering methods for damage-free removal.
  • We perform removals when necessary or at the customer’s request. We are equipped to handle nearly any-size removal. Our bucket truck and climbing skills allow us to access and remove trees in very close quarters. After our full-service removal you’ll never even know it was there!

    We also perform hedge pruning, firewood splitting and small stump grinding.

  • We perform fuel reduction on wooded properties. If you own a section of our wonderful woods, keep it safer from fire with a full land clean up. A complete service includes dead-fall cleanup, hanger removal, deadwood removal and limbing, as well as thinning for very densely vegetated properties. Your land is your responsibility– let Expert Tree Care keep it looking great.

If you love your landscape and the trees that make it special, know that they’re taken care of by the trained, competent and certified professionals at Expert Tree Care, LLC.