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Are you prepared for winter?

tree removal kalispell
Piecing down a giant lombardi poplar in Kalispell.

With cooler temps we’re finally seeing a break in the crazy summer weather. We’ve been hard at it since the heat wave began in June, treating trees for over-active pests and doing lots of removals. We’ve dealt with the smoke and fire restrictions and are looking forward to another busy fall.

With another long winter coming, consider any trees that may pose a threat on your property. Those to watch out for include blue spruce and willow, which are both prone to toppling and snapping under load. Trees with more than one top, with cavities near the trunk or fungal growth should be inspected for structural integrity. We have the tools to prune, cable or remove the tree and bring you peace of mind when the snow flies.

Just as homeowners clear land for fire, consider doing the same for ice.  If you’re concerned about a tree on your property, call us today for an assessment. By the time the first blizzard comes, it could be too late.

storm tree removal
A white fir with a codominant stem (double-topped) left a big dent in the roof line after an August storm. Don’t let this happen to your home!

Make this the year of treating your trees

Summer is upon us!

With the weather warming up, we’ve begun fertilizing and spraying lots of different trees around the valley. Along with some hazard removals it’s been a very busy spring!

tree removal
PRO CLEANUP: We leave job sites cleaner than we find them. Heavy removal job on Flathead Lake in April.

tree removalHazard Removal: We got a call from a homeowner on Flathead Lake about a precariously leaning ponderosa pine. The roots on this beetle-kill tree were completely rotten and it took great care to bring it down without damaging her driveway’s retaining wall. After rigging several directional ropes we were able to safely lower the tree in two pieces.


WHITE PINE WEEVIL: Save your spruce trees with a fast pesticide treatment

White Pine Weevil: We’ve also been treating hundreds of blue (Colorado) spruce leaders for white pine weevil. Don’t let the name fool you- these weevils absolutely devour spruce tree tops. If your trees look like the picture above, then they’ve been infested in years past and are probably still hosting pests. Multiple dead and dying tops are the primary indicator. Blue spruce with multiple leaders are structurally unsound and unsightly.

pesticide spray
A nice-looking spruce leader gets a dose of chemical to keep the weevils at bay.

HOW WE TREAT: After cutting out the dead tops well below the infestation, we apply a fast, affordable spray treatment to kill any remaining bugs. This application works best when applied annually in combination with a systemic insecticide/fertilizer application.

As the temperature rises, more and more pests are waking up! This is the time to let us design your IPM plan and keep your landscape looking great year after year. Call us today! 406-257-0025

Let us get your trees ready for spring

This mild winter has been keeping us busy!

Aside from standard winter removals, we’ve been out pruning orchards and many, many fruit trees. If you have spring fever as badly as we do, then give us a call and we can get your trees ready for a productive growing season.

The following services are best done in early spring. Call us today to schedule an assessment!

Fruit trees thrive when pruned for production.

Apple, cherry, and other fruit trees: Pruning for shape, applying mineral oil spray to deter scales.

  • Having your trees professionally pruned ensures they’re shaped for optimal production. We understand the nuances of branch structure and pruning techniques and will improve your tree both aesthetically and physiologically.
  • We apply a mineral oil spray that’s non-toxic and highly effective in killing scale larvae on the fruit tree’s bark. Insects breathe with their bodies, and the oil works to suffocate them before they wake up and begin feeding. For more information, click here.
DWARF MISTLETOE: If your trees look like this, it’s time for pruning.

Douglasfir: applying douglasfir beetle repellant packets, performing mistletoe removal.

  • Little needs to be said for fir beetles. They have devastated forests throughout the West and can kill a conifer in a single season. Protect the douglasfir trees on your property from infestation with a beetle packet installation. These packets emit a hormone that deters beetles from infesting the tree. **We do not install packets for pine trees – better pest control can be attained by letting us spray your pines with carbaryl.
  • Dwarf mistletoe infestation has become out of control in many areas around Flathead Lake. This green parasite is easily identified in douglasfirs as a bushy clump of light green needles. Dwarf mistletoe is highly contagious and should be cut out and burned as soon as it can be. Protect the integrity of the forest around the lake! Have your dwarf mistletoe removed as soon as possible.

Don’t wait! Your trees deserve it. Call today at 406-257-0025.

Removals, Diseases and Pests

Removals, Diseases and Pests

3-10-2015 – We removed two dead douglasfir Tuesday from a lakeside property south of Yellow Bay. After they came down we inspected the bark and found a flat-headed woodborer larva. These pests burrow under the bark and destroy wood, further weakening trees.

woodborer larva
Flat-headed woodborer larva.

More interestingly, we discovered Armillaria root rot in both trees. This decay is characterized by fruiting bodies (fungus) near the base and a thin, peeling layer just inside the bark (see images). This fungus absorbs water before it can get up the tree. It was likely the primary stressor and the woodborer a secondary pest.


If you see fungus sprouting on your trees, it is likely that decay is imminent. The sooner you seek an assessment for fungicidal treatment, the more likely your tree will survive.


Across the way we spotted a serious dwarf mistletoe infestation. Can you identify a dwarf mistletoe plant in your trees? These aren’t the kind of mistletoe you kiss under at Christmas. These green, bushy parasites are unhealthy and unsightly. The cure is removal, and the sooner the better.


Later we removed this 90-foot douglasfir that died from a dwarf mistletoe infestation. As you can see, even the most established trees can succumb to this highly contagious plant pest.

Douglasfir Removal & Fruit Tree Pruning

tree service removal
Eric topping a douglasfir from the bucket truck.

3-9-2015– Today we removed two large douglasfir trees from Eric’s neighbor’s driveway. He is planning to build an outbuilding on his property and these trees were in the way. They both stood about 80’ tall. There was a retaining wall to the east, a barbwire fence to the north and power lines to the west, leaving us only the southern approach on the driveway itself. After limbing the trees as high as possible with the bucket truck, I came down and grabbed my climbing gear. After raising the bucket up to it’s 50-55 foot max height, I set my tie in point (TIP) and exited the bucket with spurs and a chainsaw. Eric and Rick lowered the bucket remotely and moved the truck to clear the landing area. After clearing more limbs I set the tagline in the top of the tree and dropped the top 15 feet. After piecing it down another 15 feet, Eric came in and finished it off with the bucket truck. Another successful removal in tight quarters!

In the afternoon we headed out to do some fruit tree pruning around Foys Lake. Rick and I pruned an apple tree that was too picturesque (even without leaves) not to shoot. This is a great example of a nice fruit tree shape.

Arborist’s Blog

Welcome to our new website! This is the Arborist’s Blog (sort of like a captain’s log), where we’ll be updating information on our current projects, allowing potential customers and clients to see the quality of our daily work around the area. The snow is starting to melt some and we’ll be back at it again soon. Stay posted for more pictures and stories from the tree man’s perspective!